What’s Your Passion?

Snowboards, airplanes, cars, MP3 players, guitars, and medicine. All are very different with a common trait. They are produced by an American manufacturer. You can develop medicine that saves someone’s life, or build the newest model car, or create the instruments played at a concert. Not many people can say that of their job.

Innovate. Design. Make.

American manufacturing is about skills and knowledge: innovating, designing and making a product. It doesn’t have to require a four year degree and a mountain of debt to begin a career. It requires hard work, dedication, and an industry certification to open the door to well-paying career opportunities. A starting position can be attained with a high school diploma and short-term training. You may want to pursue additional educational taking two years or less. And, once established, you could continue your education in an engineering or business field with the possibility of tuition reimbursement paid by your employer.

Higher than Average Compensation.

You could have a career as a machinist, equipment maintenance technician, welder, or quality inspector and be making an average of 18% more than your friends. Did you know that the average annual compensation for manufacturing in Ohio is $70,251? Manufacturers have the highest combined salaries and benefits of any industry in the United States. For manufacturing occupations and salary ranges, click here.